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[Reblog] Need a good scary read but short of cash? Get free horror e-books on Project Gutenberg.

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Project Gutenberg is the volunteer organization that has been working for many years to digitize and provide free access to as many written works as possible. They currently have over 42,000 titles in their collection, and the e-books can be downloaded and used for free by anyone. They also have things organized by category in library-style, so if you go to the site you can peruse the horror section and find works by the authors below.


Other books on ghosts and demons may be found in other related sections. Here is a link to the main site: http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page


This is just to get you started. Happy Halloween browsing! 




1 Ambrose Bierce 1842-1914?

2 Algernon Blackwood, 1869-1951

3 Robert W. Chambers, 1865-1933

4 John Meade Falkner, 1858-1932

5 Paul H. C. Féval, 1817-1887

6 William Hope Hodgson, 1877-1918

7 Henry James, 1843-1916

8 M. R. James, 1862-1936

9 Franz Kafka, 1883-1924

10 Sheridan Le Fanu, 1814-1873

11 H.P. Lovecraft 1890-1937

12 Arthur Machen 1863-1947

13 Charles Nodier 1780-1844

14 Elliott O'Donnell, 1872-1965

15 Oliver Onions (pseud), 1873-1961

16 Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849

17 John William Polidori, 1795-1821

18 Thomas Preskett Prest, 1810?-1859?

19 Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894

20 Bram Stoker, 1847-1912

21 George Sylvester Viereck, 1884-1962


Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page

Booklikes Tutorials

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Links to various Booklikes tutorials around the site. Thanks to all the hardworking BL members and team who contributed. This is a work in progress. More links will be added as I find them.


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http://blog.booklikes.com/post/551754/post (exclusive status for your books)


The Booklikes blog (new features added every week):



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Easy tips for customising your Booklikes blog:



How to customise your BL blog:



Customising Booklikes Tutorials - parts 1 - 6:








Excellent blogpost about resources on the net for customizing your blog. Includes great links for wallpapers, fonts, colours, add-ons, special effects and other great info:



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Added pages - I can't read it! My background is dark and font is black! And I want to have a comment section!



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Can I just read everyone's book reviews and skip the rest?



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Making a see-through background for comments section:



Adding a scrolling quotes marquee to your blog:



How to block followers on Booklikes:



Setting up google analytics on your BL blog:



Changing font colour (text, links, comment section):



How to easily embed a font:



A simple tip - everything is too big - zoom out: 



Background for a search bar (what to do when it's invisible on a dark background):



Let's clean our designated comments pages regularly - no more notification floods:



Reading Challenge - how to post it on your site and a few simple customization options:



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How to avoid losing the original source of a post:







Source: http://mandym.booklikes.com/post/470414/booklikes-tutorials

Warning: DO NOT use Anonymouse.org as a Web Proxy

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Anonymouse.org, despite its claims, doesn't work. I have been playing with an IP tracker tool on my new blog, and I experimented this morning by hitting my site using a few popular web proxies to see how well they hid my informaiton.


I was shocked to find out that Anonymouse.org doesn't even work! However, Zfreez.com worked as advertised.



worked perfectly. It displayed as if I was a visitor from France. I recommend it.


did not hide my information at all. In fact, it announced that I was using 'anonymouse.org' as a web proxy. A complete fail.

[REBLOG FOR TRUTH] When people ask me why I waste my time in reading a book that is going to turn into a movie.

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Sapphique (Incarceron Series #2)

Sapphique (Incarceron Series #2) - This is a somewhat satisfying conclusion to a good series. It left me feeling conflicted. I want to like the ending because the loose ends have been tied up, but I was left wanting more. The way some of the loose ends didn't sit well with me, but at least they were resolved.My main problem lies with Finn, he spends most of the story moping around until he has to take action. Even when he finally does, Claudia has to be absent so he can learn to stand on his own. I also dislike how the story has to revolve around these two teens and their mentor who have to save this world. I supposed part of the reason is because this is a YA novel and the adults in this system are terribly corrupt aside from Jared. Jared to his credit is shown to be very human. He's conflicted and tempted but he manages to rise above all that and save everyone. He seems like the true hero in this story since Finn and Claudia are able to do little without his help. This in part is because of his knowledge and cleverness but he seems to steal the spot light in this book. Claudia while she is a solid character, spends the last quarter of the book helpless (for a good reason). I wish she had more involvement in the conclusion.The other problem I had are how the Queen and the corrupt system were taken down. It seemed too convenient. She seemed secondary to the real villain of the book, so her end felt unsatisfying since her moment as a villain was upstaged. I won't reveal anymore because of spoilers.Another complaint I have is the world building in this book. I was confused about how some of the aspects in this world worked. The ceremony of the Proclamation, the trail system, the prison and the social system were intriguing but I was a bit confused about how they work. Perhaps this is because I was not paying attention as much as I should have been in the first and this book, but I was left wondering about these aspects of society. I also wanted to know more about the history of this place, but I suppose they have no part in this story with the way it turned out.Aside from those problems, this book was a great read but not amazing. It was a refreshing change from all the Supernatural Romances I was reading last month.

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1)

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1) - I first heard of this book when people were talking about the seven figure deal Ally Condie got for this three book series. I was mildly intrigued since a book has to be good to warrant that kind of money.This book does not live up to that price. I found this book boring, nothing about this book is engaging. I felt like I was on auto-pilot, stopping briefly to wonder when this book was going to end.Matched takes a lot of points from The Giver (euthanasia of the elderly, population control via arranged marriages, information control, the tablets) and 1984 (officials are always watching you, harboring rebellious material, a forbidden relationship between two different social classes), but does little to set itself apart when either of these books. If you were to take away the dystopian society all you wonder have is a dull romance attempting to be interesting since one of the parties is a social pariah. What Matched does to try to set itself apart from other dystopian novels is to forbid artistic creation. While literature and art are archived, individuals are only allowed to see a set number. Cassia and Ky defy this rule because they have knowledge of poems the Society does not want them to see. In addition, they write these poems down, which is another forbidden practice. Unlike 1984, I never feel dread for either of these characters. I felt indifferent, like I did for most of this book. When I did feel fear, it was brief. The consequences are just as disappointing as the world building.The characters are dull. I did not feel anything for most of them. I felt for Cassia’s parents because bad things just kept happening to them. I felt like they were the victims in this story, not Cassia and Ky. The main characters seem like vehicles for the story. There was nothing unique about any of them to me; they’re just as derivative as the story itself. The minor characters feel like they’re part of the background. While I do feel for her parents, they are just there to be Cassia’s parents. The reader only sees them when they have some bearing on Cassia’s story. Her father does something that sets off a chain reaction to events that drive Cassia and Ky together. Her mother makes a mistake that causes them to be moved to another Province at the end of the novel. The only reason being to set the stage for the next bookKy is the so called bad boy of the story while Xander exists to be his foil. Ky is a social outcast, while Xander is an upstanding member of society. Cassia is the typical YA romance heroine. She very little personality aside from her ability and forbidden poems. The reader is told she has a natural sorting ability, which I do not understand. She’s placed in a situation outside of her control that forces her to choose between two guys. The reader is lead to believe Cassia can choice to rebel against or accept her place in Society. The problem is her choice does not change her. I do not see how writing poems and sitting around thinking about how to save Ky is an act of rebellion. She was doing that for the majority of the story. I understand this is a three book story, but a character’s journey should start in the first book. If done properly Cassia’s story could probably be one book instead of three. I should not feel I have to read more for a character journey to take place.This book is like the majority of the YA books out there. It tries to have a plot, but it fails. The only plot of this book is the romance. While the Society is supposed to be seen as evil because of their manipulations they only serve to add the forbidden angle to Cassia and Ky’s relationship. They classify Ky as an Aberration, they manipulate both of them for an experiment, they control everyone’s lives, and send Ky to war. There’s offhand mentions of a war going on outside the Society’s territory, but it feels like they were thrown in to 1) put Ky on a bus to remove him from the story and 2) make the reader think there is something going on in the world aside from the romance. I suppose the war will play a bigger part in the next book because of Ky. Let’s ignore the bigger picture because of a couple of teenagers cannot be together.Unlike other YA romances like Crescendo there is nothing creepy or codependent about the romance, its just dull. I never felt the book was telling me you are nothing without your significant other or its okay for your boyfriend/girlfriend to treat you like crap because he/she loves you. There is the twu luv element since I cannot think of any reason why Cassia and Ky love each other. They don't feel like they have any chemistry to me.Overall, this book is trying to hard in all aspects. I know this a debut novel, but that’s no excuse. There are not enough questions at the end of this book to encourage me to read on other then my compulsion to complete a series.