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Sapphique (Incarceron Series #2) - This is a somewhat satisfying conclusion to a good series. It left me feeling conflicted. I want to like the ending because the loose ends have been tied up, but I was left wanting more. The way some of the loose ends didn't sit well with me, but at least they were resolved.My main problem lies with Finn, he spends most of the story moping around until he has to take action. Even when he finally does, Claudia has to be absent so he can learn to stand on his own. I also dislike how the story has to revolve around these two teens and their mentor who have to save this world. I supposed part of the reason is because this is a YA novel and the adults in this system are terribly corrupt aside from Jared. Jared to his credit is shown to be very human. He's conflicted and tempted but he manages to rise above all that and save everyone. He seems like the true hero in this story since Finn and Claudia are able to do little without his help. This in part is because of his knowledge and cleverness but he seems to steal the spot light in this book. Claudia while she is a solid character, spends the last quarter of the book helpless (for a good reason). I wish she had more involvement in the conclusion.The other problem I had are how the Queen and the corrupt system were taken down. It seemed too convenient. She seemed secondary to the real villain of the book, so her end felt unsatisfying since her moment as a villain was upstaged. I won't reveal anymore because of spoilers.Another complaint I have is the world building in this book. I was confused about how some of the aspects in this world worked. The ceremony of the Proclamation, the trail system, the prison and the social system were intriguing but I was a bit confused about how they work. Perhaps this is because I was not paying attention as much as I should have been in the first and this book, but I was left wondering about these aspects of society. I also wanted to know more about the history of this place, but I suppose they have no part in this story with the way it turned out.Aside from those problems, this book was a great read but not amazing. It was a refreshing change from all the Supernatural Romances I was reading last month.